Border Security (A.K.A. “Build That Wall!!!”)

One of President Trump’s biggest campaign promises, if not his biggest campaign promise, was to build a beautiful wall along the southern border. However, more than 2 years into his presidency, there has still not been any progress made on this front. The start of 2019 brought this topic back to the forefront with the demand by President Trump for $5.7 billion to build his glorious wall causing a lengthy government shutdown. And although that original shutdown was averted, it was only a temporary re-opening of the government, with another shutdown looming if a full agreement cannot be made.

What’s totally ridiculous about this entire situation is that most democrats have always been in favor of border security – if not an outright wall, then at least fencing or other measures to improve border security. This includes the likes of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is now publicly against what he voted for years ago. The reason for this is simple and that is because President Trump is the one proposing the wall. This is partisan politics at its finest, and it is totally sad for this country that we cannot get the adequate border security that we all deserve because of childish behavior from democrats.

What’s also ridiculous is how so many people from the media are covering U.S. cities along the border. For example, Jim Acosta was seen along the southern border trying to make a big point about how there was no crime in the area, and everything seemed absolutely fine. But he was literally standing right next to a gigantic wall! If anything, it proved that having the wall was a good thing, or at the very least not a bad thing. The media is complicit in pushing the democrats’ lies and it is just plain wrong!

Democrats are also of the opinion that spending $5.7 billion on a border wall is just a waste of funding. But although $5.7 billion may sound like a lot to the average American, the fact is that $5.7 billion is literally peanuts compared to U.S. government funding in general. The cost of a single week of government agencies running is on the same order as the $5.7 billion that President Trump is asking for. The fact that the initial government shutdown lasted as long as it did is just sad and a bad look for democrats who are keeping paychecks from workers and their families for something that costs so little relatively speaking.

Other than the cost though, democrats main “selling point” (if you even want to call it that), is that building a wall evokes the racist ideas of President Trump. First off, President Trump is not racist. There is absolutely no evidence of that. Secondly, Trump made an absolutely great point in his presidential speech from the White House during the first government shutdown when stating that walls are built because we hate the people on the outside, but rather because we love and cherish the people on the inside. That has, and always will be the goal of a border wall – to protect American citizens, not only from crime, but also from illegal immigrants taking advantage of various U.S. social programs and ruining the economy by taking away low wage jobs from real citizens. When democrats misconstrue that ultimate goal with racism, then they are simply being dishonest to the American public.

As you can clearly see, there are numerous fallacies when it comes to democrats and their opposition to the border wall. The fact that it has taken this long without any progress is not just bad for democrats, but bad for the country as well. Hopefully this all ends soon either way, although it is obvious that the ideal situation is that President Trump receives his funding to go out and “build the wall”.