Ilhan Omar and the Obvious Media Bias

Ilhan Omar has proven to be an open anti-Semite time and time again, and just recently was no different. This time, Omar publicly attacked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), accusing them of using their money to control Washington to benefit Israel. If that sounds anti-Semitic to you, then you are absolutely right. It plays into the oldest anti-Semitic trope in the book – that Jews control the world. And it is absolutely disgusting.

Now of course, Ilhan Omar apologized, as she should have. But this was only after not only Republicans called her out for it, but after her fellow Democrats did the same, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In fact, I find it so hilarious that Nancy Pelosi needs to actively keep the new members of her caucus in line – not only Ilhan Omar, but also Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, all of whom have said controversial or outlandish statements that Nancy Pelosi was forced to walk back on for the sake of keeping her party respectable. It’s only been two months!

Anyways, back to Omar. The apology itself was pretty half-hearted if I do say so myself. Not only did she provide the simplest cookie-cutter apology ever, but she followed it up by still asserting that AIPAC was an issue for donating money to politicians. So after all that, she gave no real indication that she has changed or is open to changing her anti-Semitic ways.

But after that entire debacle, how has the media reacted? They’ve all opted to essentially “give her a pass”. They claim that she is brand new to politics and she will learn from the gaffe. They won’t even admit that she is anti-Semitic, instead just saying that the words came out poorly as she was trying to discuss a difficult topic of campaign financing and donations. Rather than calling Omar out for what she is, the media avoids it completely, in part because she is one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress. But ultimately, the reason she gets this preferential treatment is because she is a democrat.

This sort of treatment by the media would never happen for a Republican. In fact, we can look at a relatively similar situation that happened just last month with Representative Steve King who made controversial comments about the term “White Supremacy” that all but ousted him as a racist. The media absolutely railed him and not only attacked him but used him to try and attack all Republicans for being racist in some capacity.

And yes, this wasn’t Steve King’s first example of having borderline (if not outright) racist comments, but the same can be said of Ilhan Omar, who has made anti-Semitic comments numerous times in her past. But the media will just overlook all of that simply because she is a democrat, and because they can do so without any consequences.

This is outright media bias at its finest, and something that needs to change as soon as possible. Yes, there is always some inherent media bias with any journalist or reporter, but it should never stoop to the level of extreme bias that is entirely evident in the media’s reaction to Ilhan Omar’s comments when compared to their reaction to Steve King’s comments. What really sucks about the entire situation is that the media industry is almost entirely aligned in their bias, making it very difficult for the majority of Americans to get unbiased news. Thankfully there are a few conservative outlets keeping things real, as well as President Trump calling out fake news as appropriate. Having said all that though, it is important to never forget just how biased the media as a whole truly is in society today.