The 2020 Democratic Candidates (Newbies)

It is barely 2019 and we already have a host of democrats who have announced their presidential primary bids. With so many different candidates already in the race, it’ll be interesting to see who takes the lead and becomes the ultimate “front runner” throughout 2019 (remember that the real primary elections don’t happen until early 2020). Here at Brooklyn GOP, we’ll break down the main contenders for you, going in order from least likely to win the primary to our predicted “front runner”.

First up is New York’s own Kristen Gillibrand. And because she is first up, she is actually least likely to beat out the other main candidates. Does anyone remember when Gillibrand promised that if she won her Senate race that she would complete her Senate term in full and not run for President? Yeah, I do. Add on the fact that she is so wishy-washy on a variety of topics that she simply is too untrustworthy for most people. She won’t last long.

Next up is Elizabeth Warren, who I was debating listing first ahead of Gillibrand. Ever since her public DNA test results were released (including a cringe-worthy commercial to help validate her results), she has been receiving non-stop pushback on her supposed Native American heritage. Not only has she had to apologize to the Native American citizens themselves and admit that she does not have any Native American tribal citizenship (let alone any significant Native American blood), she has also now had to explain using Native American ancestry on her Texas bar exam and if she received an advantage through the use of this ultimately false claim. She is staying afloat for as long as she can, but ultimately, she will see there is no point moving forward and be one of the first to drop out of the race.

Next up is Cory Booker, who gained some fame during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings when he had his self-proclaimed “Spartacus” moment, which really was nothing. Cory Booker falls right in line with much of the Democratic party’s ideals, making him a fairly decent candidate overall. The fact that he is black also helps, since for whatever reason, Democrats put a lot of emphasis in your ethnicity (amongst other defining characteristics such as gender) – is that racist? Well, you can be the judge of that. Ultimately, Cory Booker just isn’t strong enough of a candidate to lead the field, but he will put up a valiant effort, that’s for sure.

Amy Klobuchar Is who I feel is the second-best candidate in this current field of newbies. She is well-respected (even Brett Kavanaugh said as much during his confirmation hearings) and has the ability to be bi-partisan and work with both sides of the aisle, a fairly important quality when it comes to being President. However, because she can be fairly bi-partisan it ultimately means that she is more on the moderate side rather than being ultra-liberal, and that will hurt her during the primaries. The people who vote in democratic primaries are more left-leaning than the general U.S. population as a whole, and this will keep Amy Klobuchar from ultimately winning the primary nomination.

So who do I have with the best shot of winning the nomination (at least out of the “newbies”)? That honor goes to Kamala Harris. Not only is she a black, but she is a woman as well, which the democratic base will prioritize greatly when comparing candidates (Again, is this racist or sexist? You can be the judge of that). She has already shown herself to be tough and opposed to all things Trump, as evidenced in her tough questioning of Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings, which is yet another thing that will play well with the democratic base. And most importantly, the media absolutely adores her, and is all but declaring her the frontrunner. Whether she ultimately wins the nomination is still to be determined, but she undoubtedly has one of the best shots out of all the (current) candidates.