The 2020 Democratic Candidates (Oldies)

Although there are plenty of new candidates putting their name in the ring for the Democratic Primary, there are plenty of other more well-known politicians who have either already declared or are seriously contemplating it. As a result, we’ve compiled a second list of (potential) 2020 presidential candidates, along with our thoughts on each candidate and their chances of winning. As was the case with our “newbie” list, we’ll list these candidates from least likely to win the nomination, to most likely.

First up is who else, but the 2016 Democratic nominee and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Although she hasn’t made a final decision on whether to run or not, and actually hasn’t said much either way, we all know that she is thinking about it. She knows that she was oh so close to winning the presidency in 2016, having lost the electoral college despite winning the popular vote by a fairly significant margin. Although she may personally feel that she has as good a shot of winning as ever, the Democratic party as a whole has most likely grown tired of Hillary and would hate to see her potentially lose yet again against Donald Trump, which would set the party back years if that were to happen. And voters most likely feel the same way. If she were to enter the race, she would honestly not make much noise outside of the initial buzz. Especially with all the new “fresh-faced” candidates in the race, she would quickly fade into the background. And I think deep down, Hillary knows this. Whether she runs is up to her, but it is almost certainly a lost cause.

Joe Biden is next on this relatively short list. As a former vice president, let along a former senator, he knows quite a lot about high Washington works and how to ultimately get things done in the nation’s capital. Add in the fact that he was vice president to Barack Obama, who was highly popular (at least amongst democrats) and you can see how Biden has plenty of things going for him if he were to officially enter his name into the race. However, there are a few things going against him as well. The first is his age and the general amount of time he’s been associated with the presidency. Just like Hillary, he may be seen as somewhat stale and uninspiring compared to the other newbie candidates. In addition, Joe Biden is simply too moderate to actually win the democratic primary. I actually would be fine if he were elected president, as he would represent a fairly moderate president who could actually get things done. But in the primary, you need to be as far left as possible to win, and I don’t see Biden getting there. If he were to run, I believe he would at least be relevant for most of, if not the entirety of the primary.

The last candidate on my list is someone who garnered a surprising amount of support during the 2016 democratic primary. I am of course talking about Bernie Sanders. Support for Bernie in 2016 caught most people by surprise at first, but by the end, he nearly beat out Hillary for the nomination (in fact, you could credibly argue that the nomination was stolen from him by the Democratic National Committee). If that wasn’t enough, there are plenty out there who believe that Bernie could have beaten Trump if he were the Democratic challenger. Although we don’t know how it would have actually played out in that scenario, people who still believe in Bernie would fight hard to make him the nominee this time around. The only problem is that Bernie would be facing numerous “fresh-faces” rather than the old and boring Hillary Clinton. That would be his biggest challenge this time around, but amongst the rest of the “oldies”, he has the best shot of beating out the stiff competition.