The Idiocy of the “Green New Deal”

Congress is full of bills and resolutions that often don’t go anywhere – that is simply the nature of Congress and the checks and balances that occur not only between the House of Representatives and the Senate, but also with the President’s veto power. With this in mind, it is not surprising to see Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez put forth a resolution that is aimed at having the country lead the charge against climate change, in what she has coined the “Green New Deal” (an obvious reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s original New Deal).

Although I personally have a soft spot for this fellow New Yorker, I am actually laughing at my desk right now after reading through her entire resolution. It is full of “bold” goals that are really just completely infeasible for the country to accomplish. Let’s start with her goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions within 10 years’ time. If you think that the entire country can achieve this goal, then you are either delusional, or just plain stupid.  Other countries have made attempts to do something similar, particularly in Europe, and they either have not gotten to completely net-zero greenhouse gas emissions as of this date, or they’ve achieved it but over a period of multiple decades. The United States is a great country, but 10 years is an absolute stretch, even for us.

In addition, I find it completely absurd that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to achieve totally renewable energy in the United States without the use of nuclear energy. If she knew anything at all, she would know that nuclear energy is the most efficient form of energy the world has ever known, and despite the word “nuclear” it is perfectly safe to use when done right.

Another completely asinine goal is to retrofit every single building in the country to make sure that they all have the latest “green technologies” and are as energy efficient as possible. This is just another goal that sounds good in theory but is absolutely unfeasible. Every single building in the United States? And in 10 years ‘time? I’d like to see her just get every single building in the state of New York retrofit within 10 years. It’s just not doable.

Another ridiculous goal of hers is to completely eliminate air travel. Yes, you read that right – air travel. Meaning airplanes that have been a staple in most Americans’ lives for years now. First off, how are we supposed to get to Hawaii? You know, the stat that is comprised of islands in the middle of the ocean? Are we supposed to sail there on a ship? Even if we ignore an entire state of the United States, we are still looking at a problematic way to travel across the country. If she thinks that we should go back to rail systems as the main form of long-distance travel, she is kidding herself (or just stupid). Trains are so inefficient, since they only travel along pre-determined tracks. And with the entire country having grown substantially in population, trying to get everyone around on trains, especially during the holidays is an absolute nightmare.

But Ocasio-Cortez, probably didn’t think any of this through when writing her “bold” resolution. And what is absolutely hilarious is that so many democrats have signed on to this resolution as well, including just about all of the 2020 presidential candidates such as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. Although we all know this “resolution” is going nowhere, it’ll at least be interesting to see how democrats defend these goals, especially when it comes to the always forgotten question of HOW the country will pay for all of this? It’ll be fun seeing this all play out on Capitol Hill in the coming weeks and months.